Chris Luka is an Amsterdam-based artist, with an extensive body of knowledge and experience in art direction. Yet his free work, his imaginative drawings and paintings, is where he can truly express himself. He is fully autodidact, not limited to the usual constraints of the art world. He is overtly curious about all that surrounds him: constantly looking and reading up on philosophy, design, (human) nature, culture and sexuality. He’s traveled the globe, living in Sydney, New York and Cape Town (where part of his family lives) before settling in The Netherlands

All these various influences pour back into his work, but never in a fixed way. His way of working is rather intuitive. Inspiration strikes like a lightning bolt and then he works to get pen and paint to paper until morning dawns. His choice of materials are subtle watercolors versus ink and gold-leaf. His style is once playful and poetic, then heart wrenching and bold when you look just a little closer. His pieces have now been bought by select buyers. His very own solo exhibition is in the making.